Exterior Remodel


New master suite addition with private bathroom and gas fireplace.


"I've had the privilege of having DCBuilders complete two projects at my home. Living on top of a hill with a challenging driveway often scares potential contractors from bidding on my projects.

Matt is a man of strong moral and ethical value. He is a young contractor that realizes the importance of customer service. He is considerate, dependable, honest, innovative insightful and committed to making sure his customer is satisfied. He takes pride in his work product and it shows in all aspects of his business.

My first project was a deck. It's beautiful. It was completed in June 2008. Most recently, DCBuilders completed a master suite addition. Interesting, the project initially was an all seasons area but as the project unfolded, well, need I say more. I couldn't be happier. All this because he listened to the goals we had for our home.

The lower portion of the master suite is planned as being a theater room (at present!) DCBuilders will be our only contractor of choice when we are ready to start."

Lon Becher
Harmony Grove, WI