"DC Builders has completed a variety of jobs for me over a period of years. Most recently Matt Harmon and his crew repaired and redecorated an area of my bathroom which was water damaged. Some of my projects have been relatively small compared to Matt’s other construction jobs. Nevertheless, DC Builders brought the same care and attention to my needs as they bring to larger, more lucrative projects. Plumbers, painters, electricians and other DC sub-contractors who have done work in my home have demonstrated a high level of competency and courtesy. These qualities can’t be taken for granted. I don’t know much about how my house works so have relied a lot on the suggestions and advice DC Builders has provided. Their good judgment is invaluable. DC Builders and Matt Harmon are top notch, and I would recommend them to anybody."

Micki Bender
Saddle Ridge

Complete Exterior Remodel
(View Project)

"It is with much enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for Matt Harmon and DC Builders. We initially worked with Matt on a new roof, back screened-in porch and fence in 2009. After that outstanding experience, we were “sold” on Matt and DC Builders and sought him out for our next project.

In the spring of 2011, Matt met with my wife and me to assist us in planning for a renovation project that would include windows, steel siding, doors, a re-built front porch, exterior lights and gutters. Matt listened to our thoughts and offered his ideas and options as we finalized our renovation plans for late May, 2011.

Matt and DC Builders again surpassed our expectations and left us with an impressive, updated house. There are multiple reasons to consider DC Builders – here are just a few from our most recent work with Matt:

TIMELY WITH THE PROJECT: Matt worked with us well ahead of time to schedule the project during a span that was most suitable for us, yet allowed flexibility in the event of adverse weather. Once a section of the project was started, it was completed – there was follow-through, but not “rushing” or working during poor weather when moisture could have contaminated the exterior jobs.

OPTIONS & QUALITY WITHIN OUR BUDGET: We never felt we had to sacrifice quality to stay within our budget. In fact, we obtained top quality within our budget! In working with Matt and David Hartwig from Portage Lumber, there were always options available to meet our expectations and maintain alignment with our end goal.

LOW MAINTENANCE & ENERGY EFFICIENT: Matt helped us assemble a renovation plan that created a very low maintenance exterior. His suggestion to incorporate synthetic wood trim yielded a stunning, professional effect that will be maintenance free for decades. The steel siding is remarkably attractive and has impressive durability – coupled with its exemplary installation, the outside of our house will require virtually no maintenance for as long as we call this residence our home. The house barrier wrap and energy efficient windows are already translating to notably lower utility bills.

KEPT INFORMED: I appreciated phone calls from Matt in which he sought my input when selecting a plan to remedy a specific surprise unveiled as our 30-year-old house was skinned. However, I found even greater gratitude in the periodic updates provided by Matt. It was easy to hear in his voice that the project meant as much to him as it did to us.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: The attention to detail was evident from Matt, his workers and his carefully-selected subcontractors. The outcomes were far-superior in quality and appearance to the original house construction (1979). We continue to receive compliments regarding the craftsmanship of the renovation – both exterior and with the interior window and sliding door trims. In its 32 years, the house has never looked better!

CLEAN: Matt and his crew could moonlight as magicians – as they made every work-related mess vanish – including hand-picking aluminum nails from 4-foot of decorative stone that circled our house. In addition, our house was treated with care – no stuffing of our garbage cans, no marks on the driveway, no torn-up sod, etc. It’s almost surreal as to how little inconvenience we endured relative to the scope of this project.

THE EXTRA MILE: During the project, Matt discovered that our 20-foot long dryer exhaust vent pipe was nearly plugged with lint. While not part of the original project, he informed us that he was going to clean out the pipe – at no cost! This wasn’t a simple task, either!

THE INTANGIBLES: Our 4 year-old daughter was interested in the daily changes to our home, and, being outgoing and inquisitive, quickly befriended Matt and the members of his crew. She even shared cookies with them! In return, they went out of their way to reciprocate the friendship – making her day! While she is thrilled with her new bedroom window and our “new” house, she is still a bit sad that her DC Builders friends aren’t stopping by each day. She is quick to point out the DC Builder’s equipment trailer when it is parked at another residence in our community."

Please do not hesitate to contact me as a reference. I would be glad to show you our house!

David Perrodin
Portage, WI

Second Floor Layout / Remodel
(View Project)

We asked DC Builders to do the difficult job of turning our rather odd second floor layout into a more functional space while maintaining the character of our older home. They were able to do this by reusing some existing doors and woodwork and blending those with complementary new materials. The finished project is a very attractive mix of old and new joined seamlessly.

As with many older homes, ours yielded some unpleasant surprises in the course of the project. Matt assured us that these problems could all be solved and his optimism never faltered. In addition, he suggested a number of ideas that enhanced the overall look of our new space.

We found Matt and his crew to be well organized, reliable, and considerate of our work schedules. Matt returned all calls immediately and followed through on every commitment. He coordinated the work so that the project was moving forward at all times. The whole DC Builders crew was hard-working and conscientious and we certainly recommend them based on our very positive experience.

Suzanne and Joe Huber

Interior/Exterior Remodel
(View Project)

"DC Builders completed a model of my home from the inside to the outside. Matt and his crew made the entire experience easy considering I was living and working in my home while the remodel took place. The transformation of my home is amazing and I am totally thrilled with the outcome. All the compliments that I have received belong to Matt and his crew for bringing this together. I highly recommend DC Builders LLC for any project!!!"

Peggy Kohnke

Deck/Master Bedroom and Bath Addition
(View Project)

"I've had the privilege of having DCBuilders complete two projects at my home. Living on top of a hill with a challenging driveway often scares potential contractors from bidding on my projects.

Matt is a man of strong moral and ethical value. He is a young contractor that realizes the importance of customer service. He is considerate, dependable, honest, innovative insightful and committed to making sure his customer is satisfied. He takes pride in his work product and it shows in all aspects of his business.

My first project was a deck. It's beautiful. It was completed in June 2008. Most recently, DCBuilders completed a master suite addition. Interesting, the project initially was an all seasons area but as the project unfolded, well, need I say more. I couldn't be happier. All this because he listened to the goals we had for our home.

The lower portion of the master suite is planned as being a theater room (at present!) DCBuilders will be our only contractor of choice when we are ready to start."

Lon Becher
Harmony Grove, WI

Kitchen/Bath Remodel
(View Project)

"DCBuilders recently remodeled our kitchen and bath/laundry room. This job also included the removal of a chimney that include the basement, 1st floor & 2nd foor. Additionally challenging was that the cabinets were purchased prior to the project without a lay-out plan. We wanted to use as many of the cabinets as we could and Matt and his team made that happen.

They were on the job when they said they would be there. They coordinated with other aspects of the remodel such as the plumber, electrician and tile installer. The workers were respectful of our home, protecting both old and new. The crew was also friendly and courteous. In addition, suggestions would be made to better the outcome of the project which we appreciated.

We are happy with the work that DCBuilders completed at our home and would recommend them for your building or remodeling needs."

Sue & Shannon
Portage, WI

New Composite Deck
(View Project)

"Carol and I just want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job of building our deck. The result is exactly what we planned and has greatly enhanced our outdoor living experience.

We most appreciated your listening to our ideas and willingness to incorporate them into the deck plans.

Additionally, the professionalism of your team was evident in all aspects of the job. They knew what they had to do and did everything well.

Rest assured that when we have projects in the future, that you will be part of the process.

Feel free to send interested clients by to take a look — you should be proud of your work."

Ken and Carol Caldwell

New Anderson French Doors

"I had DC Builders install French doors in the place of current patio doors in my home. They were able to take the old doors out and make the space smaller for my French doors. No one would ever know that the door was a different size. They did a beautiful job. They made sure they followed up with me on several things and got back to me without me having to phone them. The majority of the job was finished in about one and a half days. They were very professional, honest and easy to work with. I would highly recommend hiring them for any home project you may have."

Jody Frederick
Sun Prairie, WI

New Vinyl Siding

"DC’s work on my siding was done on a professional basis, was done on a timely basis, all while maintaining quality workmanship. I have received many compliments. They also cleaned up when they completed their work leaving the yard around the house as they found it. I am very satisfied and would hire them again."

John DenHartigh
Saddle Ridge Portage, WI

(View Project)

"From a new deck to a bathroom remodel, they performed quality work that improves the value of our homes for years to come. Matt was detail oriented from start to finish"

Jim & Laura
Portage WI

New Composite Deck

"The quality of the deck built for us by DC Builders is excellent. The job was done on time and on budget. We are pleased to recommend DC Builders to any looking for quality workmanship."

Lodi, WI

New Roof

"We were very pleased with our roofing job. When they started the job, the crew stayed until the job was completed. The clean-up was excellent."

Harlan & Colleen Davison

Screen Porch / Deck
(View Project)

"Thanks Matt & crew, we love the porch & landscaping! We admire and appreciate the wonderful job you did. We can’t wait for next summer to enjoy our new screened deck."

Jackie & Fred
Portage, WI


Matt Harmon was responsible for overseeing and re-siding my home at 1122 Saddle Ridge under contract with the Saddle Ridge Condominium Association.

Matt Harmon, DC Builders, has my highest recommendation for the level of professionalism displayed in every aspect of the work which included: the removal of old siding, and installation of new vinyl sidiing; the removal of an old deck, and the construction of a new deck; removal of a sliding glass door and the installation of a new door.

Mark's work crew, especially Kevin and Brian were diligent and professional in their work and attitude. Matt's ability to handle himself in situations which required a real sense of balance in satisfying a condominum association board and a homeowner were definitely a plus.

His response to phone calls and requests was immediate in almost all instances. Please telephone if would would like, Matt has my telephone number. No e-mails

Anzo Manoni
1122 Saddle Ridge
Portage WI 53901

Remodeling Project

We had DC builders come into our home to add a master bath and bedroom. Like all remodels, we ended up remodeling the whole entire home. Their patience of us changing our mind every other day and their expert advise help us create a beautiful and warm welcoming home to our family and friends that were proud of. DC builders help us create a home that we will enjoy for many years to come. I feel every home owner likes a home that is different and unique from others. We feel that they have created this feeling in every room of our home. DC Builders provided us with the fullest advantages of our home. We are so happy that we contacted DC Builders for our project. They were very cost efficent, patient, and done in a timly matter. It is very hard to find a builder that acutally takes the time to work with you, that you can trust, and has pride in their work. We would strongly recommend them for our future projects, friends, family, and neighbors.

Thank You,

Ernie & Tammy
Portage, WI

Additional Garage Space / Enlargement and Replacedment of Driveway / New Roof

Last year we decided that we needed some changes made to our home. These changes included additional garage space, complete replacement and enlargement of the drive way, and replacement of our roof.

On the basis of word of mouth recommendations DC builders was one of the contractors we asked to submit a proposal. We selected DC above other contractors due to the competitiveness of their pricing and the knowledge and customer focus Matt exhibited during our proposal review discussions. In addition we liked the fact that DC is a locally owned, licensed and BBB accredited business.

We are extremely happy with the results of the DC project. All work was done in a professional, efficient, first class manner. The job was completed within the proposed schedule including a number of additional items added while the work was in progress.

Matt and all of his subcontractors; concrete, electrical, roofing and landscaping, were friendly and easy to work with. Aside from the quality of work, communication and job site cleanliness are two of DC’s strengths. It was normal practice for Matt to call and/or stop by after hours to ensure all of our expectations were being met throughout the job. We would recommend DC Builders to anyone considering any type of home project.

Ed and Noreen Maass
Harmony Grove

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